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Multiplate Color Etchings
Color Etchings-Rugs, Tapestries and Fragements
Color Etchings and Lithographs on Handmade Paper
"Ancient Masters" Series
"Tokyo Suite" Series
Monoprints on Handmade Paper
Bruce Weinberg's rug and tapestry etchings appear three dimensional with folds, fringes and turned up corners. The fragment pieces appear to be frayed and tattered. Many of these pieces are set within an embossed border. These works are rich in color and texture - appearing to be made of fabric.

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Safari Cycle 1 Safari Cycle 2 Safari Cycle 3 Safari Cycle 4
Autumn Lily Rainbow Rug Russet Rug Interlocking
Dawn Night Palm Tapestry Tropical Tapestry
Navejo Trumpe L'oel Persian Fragement Turkish Delight Mandala
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