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Bruce Weinberg created his etchings by coating a copper plate with an acid resistant material called a "ground". The artist draws and or presses textured materials into the soft ground, exposing the plate in areas he wishes to include in an image. The plate is then placed in a tray of acid, which bites into the copper plate wherever the artist specified by etching into the ground. Image elements are introduced progressively through a sequence of acid exposures; each being bitten into the plate to a depth below the plate surface, deeper than the next element introduced. The earliest image elements, being deeper via greater exposure to acid, carry more ink and print to a darker value than later elements on the same plate. Once the plate is finished, an image appears comprised of etched lines, pits and textures in the plate surface. This process is repeated on each of the one to four plates Bruce Weinberg used to produce his etchings.

In the creation of multi-plate etchings, each plate carries its part of the complete image. The plates are color separated, one each for transparent inks of yellow, red, blue and black (in a four plate etching). This multi-plate process offers a full range of color (hue) created where the plate colors overlap.

When the etching process is complete, the remaining ground is removed and the plates are cleaned. In preparation for printing each plate is inked by hand with its designated color. The ink fills the etched lines and the excess is removed from the plate surface. The first inked plate is pulled through a press with a sheet of fine rag paper. The prescribed pressure of the press forces the paper into the ink filled image in the plate and the ink is transferred onto the paper. This paper is precisely registered onto the next plate and again pulled through the press. This procedure is repeated one print at a time, with each plate being cleaned and re-inked for the next impression.

It requires months to etch and print an edition, However the beauty of this original graphic media cannot be created in any other way.
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